Tey Seu Bock: I am proud of Chong Wei, regardless of his scandal

National badminton singles coach Tey Seu Bock believes that Lee Chong Wei’s determination within the sport, despite his ongoing issues should be an example to everyone else in the in the national squad.

Despite being suspended for almost five months now, Chong Wei been actively training and is even setting his sighs on making the 2016 Olympic Games, though his future within the sport is still uncertain.

Seu Bock, who has been coaching Chong Wei since 2002, applauded his determination in wanting to qualify for the Olympic Games, despite not having the verdict on his doping scandal.

“In the last five months, I can tell that he is stressed up with the ongoing situation and I myself am clueless as what’s in store for him in the future,” Seu Bock told Kosmo.

“I’m just so proud of him, because he continues to train really hard. It’s really hard to find someone with such high level of commitment and composure despite facing a crucial problem.

Chong Wei tested positive for a banned anti-inflammatory drug called dexamethasone last August, though he claims to have received it during a stem cell treatment for a thigh injury.

BWF’s hearing on his case will take place on April 11, and Chong Wei is prepared to retire from the sport, should he be handed a two-year suspension.

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