Choice does not matter in football transfers – Falcao

Manchester United forward Radamel Falcao believes that footballers do not exactly have a massive say on where they get to ply their trade in.

Prior to his move to Manchester United, there were a myriad of speculations connecting Falcao to sides like Real Madrid, Manchester City and even Chelsea at some point. But the Colombian forward eventually moved to Old Trafford last summer.

But rumours also suggests that Falcao’s first choice was Real Madrid, though he agreed to the United move after finding out that the Spanish side weren’t willing to go the extra mile in acquiring his services.

“I would say to some journalists, ‘Why don’t you work at CNN or ESPN?’. It’s the same as in football. You very rarely have the opportunities to go to one team or another. I have been in situations where I have not been able to do what I wanted, many times.

“I want to go to one place and in the end I have to go to another.”

The ex-Monaco forward is still finding his feet at Manchester United, though his performances over the last two matches have definitely shown promising signs.

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