Roger Federer reveals his motivation for continued success

Roger Federer has revealed his source of inspiration that has led him towards establishing a sensational career within the tennis fraternity; with many regarding him as the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport.

The 33 year-old Swiss has won a myriad of Grand Slams over the past decade or so, including an impressive amount of seven Wimbledon titles. But just like any other human being, Federer himself needed a certain degree of motivation to be able to scale all those impeccable heights.

“I realised very quickly that it’s an entirely different thing winning something for the first time and then having to come back the following year and defend it,” Federer told the BBC.

“Once I reached a certain level… I looked up to the great other athletes out there [for motivation], like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher – people who did it so long, so many times and make you wonder ‘How did they do that?’.

“Next thing you know,” he adds, “it’s like you’re part of that in a small way, and every year that goes by you get closer to those people. They were definitely a big inspiration for me to keep working hard.”

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