Fans show excitement on Twitter ahead of Malaysia vs Vietnam

Malaysian fans are certainly gearing up towards what looks set to be a monumental clash between Vietnam and Harimau Malaya this weekend. The Shah Alam Stadium will definitely be rocking to it’s maximum capacity, with ticket sales going extremely well over the past few days.

The Suzuki Cup is something very close to all Malaysians’ hearts, particularly after they lifted it in 2010, under the guidance of Datuk K. Rajagopal. And it past attendance statistics are to be taken into considerations, lets just say that the atmosphere this weekend, will be nothing short of electrifying.

In fact, the fans have already started displaying their excitement for the match, with many of them heading into Twitter to showcase their ecstatic emotions!

A Malaysian fan from Egypt shows his support for the national team

This chap has got tickets for the game, but is apparently looking for a date to follow him! Feel free to contact him if you’re interested!

A fan displaying his delight after purchasing the match tickets!

Patriotism seems to be taking over the nation!

This lad right here is currently serving in national service, but he’s hoping to be able to watch the match #LetBotakWatchMASvsVIE

Now this, is passion at its core!

Nothing is going to stop Syabet from watching the game, even if it comes at the cost of selling scrap items! #Respect

Tarun knows what he’ll be doing this Sunday night. Do you?

I think we’ve got the next Chant DJ for the Ultras right here. Somebody give him a call! #Passion

And of course, the biggest one of them all….


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