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New age limit to be introduced for Formula One drivers

Starting from the 2016 season, law makers of Formula One will introduce a minimum age limit of 18 for participating drivers.

The governing Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) declared the change in rule during the World Motor Sports Council meeting in Doha recently.

But besides that, drivers will also require a legal & regular driving license to be able to obtain a F1 super license, which would make them eligible to contest in Formula One races. Drivers must have also spent at least two years in the lower Formula tiers, which is accepted as the yardstick for being prepared enough to contest in the top tier.

This comes after recent discussions on various elements regarding the introduction of young and new drivers into Formula One, with recent trends suggesting that teams are opting for young drivers. The regulations have been altered to further preserve the safety of all drivers and teams in the competition.


The change in rule will not be applied next year, allowing Dutch driver Max Verstappen to become the youngest driver ever in Formula One history. The 17 year-old will make his debut at the Australian GP season opener in March 2016.

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