LA Lakers reportedly eyeing new players

LA Lakers, who has only managed to nab four wins this year, is reportedly considering trading Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer, to acquire new players.

The team have several injured players, that have affected their overall performance.

The Lakers have received a disabled player waiver of $4.85 million as a compensation for injured point guard, Steve Nash, which the team can use to either acquire a freelance player worth $4.85 million, or trade an old player with the same amount.

In addition, the Lakers also gained $1.5 million as a waiver for injured newbie, Julius Randle.

“We would have to find a better player than who is on our roster now since you have to cut somebody. I’m not sure those players exist as free agents. When we get something closer to the trade deadline, there might be something there,” general manager, Mitch Kupchak said.

Rumours have linked Kevin Love, Greg Monro, Marc Gasol and Earl Clark with a possible move over to the Lakers, since the team has money to spend for new players.

The NBA trade deadline is set on Thursday, February 19th.

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