Chong Wei to sue Razif Sidek over defamation

Lee Chong Wei has officially declared his intentions to file a civil lawsuit and take ex-Malaysian shuttler Razif Sidek to the court over grounds of defamation.

In the midst of Chong Wei’s doping scandal last month, Razif released a statement to a local daily, claiming that he, alongside with several other officials within the Badminton Association of Malaysia, were aware of the fact that Chong Wei was consuming banned substances, with the assistance of a foreign doctor.

However, Chong Wei has since rejected those claims, and though he did admit that Razif called to apologize over the matter, the former World No. 1 revealed that his lawyers have already sent him a court letter and that legal action will be taken.


“My lawyer sent him a letter a few days ago and we will settle this matter in court. He (Razif) had called me to apologise after receiving the letter, but what’s done is done,” Chong Wei said.

“I can’t let this go because he defamed me.”

Having been found guilty over the consumption of a banned substance called dexamethasone, Chong Wei is currently waiting for the BWF hearing, which would be held in Amsterdam on the 8th of December. As of now, he stands a maximum of two-year suspension, though it could be reduced, depending on the outcome of the hearing.

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