Nike launches new Malaysian jersey for AFF Suzuki Cup

The Malaysian national football team will be donning brand new jerseys at the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup, after Nike launched the latest designs yesterday.

In a ceremony that was held at the Nike Store in Pavillion, new designs for both the home and away jerseys were unveiled. The designs were supposedly inspired by the 1958 national team jersey.

The home jersey maintained the base stripe colour of black and yellow, but with the addition of a red line near the neck strip, making it the first Malaysian jersey to feature three different colours.

The away jersey also maintained its blue coloured base, though Nike has added a classy looking ‘Polo collar’ to the jersey, giving it a lavish look. But besides that, the national slogan of ‘Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku’ will be featured in the inside of both jerseys.

Fans can start purchasing the jerseys at all Nike outlets, with the price for each outfit slate at RM249.

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