Chong Wei: Match-fixers don’t dare to approach me

Malaysian prime shuttle Lee Chong Wei claims that he has never been approached by any match-fixers throughout his career in the sport, suggesting that these match-fixers don’t dare to court him.

The badminton scene has been beleaguered by talks of match-fixing in recent days, with two Danish shuttlers claiming that a Malaysian approached them for match fixing purposes during the Japan Open last June.

While Chong Wei feels that this is a matter that needs to be taken seriously, he also claimed that any match-fixers will probably not approach him due to his status as one of the World’s finest in the sport.

“I have never been approached. I guess no one dared to approach the world No. 1 player on this. Anyway, I do not resort to such things,” Chong Wei said.

“Money may be offered in all this but, to me, money is not important, the result is more important. I hope the police will get to the bottom of this. News like this do no good to the profile of badminton.”

“It is sad that a Malaysian may be involved in this. In the past, I heard that match-fixing in badminton wasn’t so big because there was no market for it. I guess people are getting bolder now … but this must be stopped.

Chong Wei, who skipped the Danish Open and will be skipping the upcoming French Open is currently recovering and recuperating following his loss to Lin Dan at the Incheon Asian Games.

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