Roy Hodgson backs Rooney’s captaincy ability

England manager Roy Hodgson has defended Wayne Rooney’s temperament, maintaining in an interview this week that the Manchester United striker is the right man to captain the Three Lions.

Hodgson’s statement comes after last weekend’s Barclay’s Premier League action, when Rooney was sent off for a malicious challenge on Stewart Downing in United’s home game against West Ham United.

“People suggested there was a lack of discipline and so on but, in my dealing swith him, nothing could be further from the truth” Hodgson stated in his interview.

“If someone wants to write that Rooney hasn’t got the temperament I can’t stop them doing it but they are wrong.”

Rooney's has been under fire since his tackle on Downing
Rooney’s has been under fire since his tackle on Downing

Hodson further suggested that Rooney’s lash out should be treated as a reflection of his passion for the game, a trait that England captain Steven Gerrard also shares.

“The great thing with Wayne, as it was with Steven, is the passion that they have for football, for their country and for their clubs.

“They can transmit that passion to a lot of those younger players. They can get their points across. They won’t do it maybe quite as eloquently as someone like myself could, but that doesn’t matter.”

Rooney, who is currently serving a three match ban for his actions, has earned 84 caps thus far for England, and has captained the side twice

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